Objectives of the MSH Bordeaux

Photo illustrating research: calls for projects - MSH Bordeaux

The operation of the MSH Bordeaux is guided by a set of framework principles.

The main objectives of the MSHBx are :

Deployment-relay : to deploy and locally anchor the national research support schemes which consists of the very large Research infrastructures in the human and social sciences, the coordinated actions of dissemination of research results, the national actions in favour of the Scientific and Technical Information (IST).

Mutualisation : pooling research support services to all its associated research units, both within the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) and in universities.

Incubation : to organize horizontal work across units, with the capacity to crystallize research initiatives that feed the scientific core of the units.

The federation: (1) federates the units of a site for a particular project; (2) plays an important role in the animation and structuring of the SHS scientific community of the site.

Opening up to the international scene : as an actor of internationalisation, the MSH Bordeaux contributes to enhance the visibility and the coordination of French SHS at the international level.

Research designed by and for the region:
The scientific identity is based on the strengths of the site, sensitive to the specificity of the New Aquitaine region.
The scientific and territorial context of New Aquitaine is characterised by certain specificities which form the background to the proposed scientific choices.

A linguistically and culturally rich region.
Today, New Aquitaine is home to three heritage languages: French, Basque and Occitan...

Un espace universitaire fortement structuré.
La MSH de Bordeaux est adossée à l’Université Bordeaux Montaigne, l’Université de Bordeaux et l’INP de Bordeaux offrant une remarquable complémentarité, et au CNRS.

A cross-border area.
The Neo-Aquitaine region borders three territories in the North of Spain.

An opportunity to question the human and the humanities.
The Neo-Aquitaine region is the privileged theatre of a long history whose scope encompasses the very category of humanity.
The region is a unique archaeological space and the site of an archaeological register that preserves traces of all the great transitions of humanity.